Wednesday, April 1, 2009


so, as i said in my previous post.. i've been working on the fountain pen shawl from interweave knits spring 2009. i also have a deadline. before april 19th. well, it has to be blocked and wrapped and amazing before april 19th. can i make it in time? we'll see.
i'm not sure what i was thinking with this large shawl in this teeny yarn. alpaca with a twist fino? uggh.. the thinnest yarn on earth! i'm debating whether or not i'll do all ten repeats of chart two. i'm almost through my fifth repeat and it's taking me forever to do the purl rows. (evil, evil purling) i'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing devasting happens. i haven't put in a lifeline and i'd hate to mess it up and have to tear it all back. (i shudder just considering that) perhaps i should put one in..

after this is finished up, i have to make something for my swap partner in
color swap 3. i'm looking forward to it.. it's my first swap! how fun. :) i am having a bit of trouble deciding what color to choose for my swap partner, but thankfully she is quite the chatterbox and posts a LOT on ravelry. so, that is very helpful!

i guess that's all i have to report. better get back to work!

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