Thursday, February 10, 2011

FOs: Socks & Mittens

Hooray for new socks AND new mittens. Unfortunately it's been too cold to wear the mittens out. I've found that Patons CWM just doesn't stand up below freezing temperatures particularly well. So until the weather decides to get a bit warmer, I'll just be wearing them around the house on occasion! I still don't have a great photo of the Grove mittens. Also, it's true that it took me MONTHS to finish the Angee socks from Sock Innovation. I'm not too sure why. The pattern worked up quite easily. I think I just got caught up in other projects.

Currently I have a Seaman's Cap on the needles and really should be casting on for my nephew's baptism booties. I have the yarn and everything needed, I'm just lazy. It isn't happening until the first weekend of March so I've got a few weeks.

I really want to sew my own clothes. But I'm so scared of patterns. Ugh, how is one supposed to overcome this?