Sunday, April 26, 2009


Alpacas are cool.  Especially when you randomly stumble upon an alpaca shearing while driving around looking for houses for sale.  I must say that the shearing process seemed very unpleasant for the alpacas.. being chased down, stuck in a small area until haircut time.. then being strapped to a giant board/table and laid out for everyone to see your everything.  *sigh*  If I didn't enjoy the wonderfulness of their coats, I almost might feel bad for them. :)  

In knitting world... still working on Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Sock.  I completed the first one last night and am in the middle of the first pattern repeat on the second.  I think it will go pretty quickly.  Unlike most sock patterns, I actually have memorized this one quickly and enjoy it.  Can't wait to have another pair of pretty socks to wear!

Monday, April 20, 2009

FO: Shetland Triangle

Hooray.. the purple shetland is finally out of my life. :) I didn't get very many finished photos of it. I think it was received well, which is good news. Amy seemed to like it.. and the older ladies in her family definitely liked it. I think I am done with shawls for now. Although I am really enjoying all the finished Ishbel shawls I keep seeing on Ravelry... hmph. I don't think I want to torture myself with knitting with such fine yarn for a while. Wait.. the only thing I'm working on at the moment is socks. Dang it.

I am planning on knitting the Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater or Favorite Cardigan from Custom Knits next. But knowing me I'll start something else instead. I would like to make a few bags to use for grocery shopping. Or for one of those rare occasions that we actually go to the market..

I don't have much news outside of the knitting world. It's no wonder I haven't shared this blog with anyone yet. I'm so lame!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just My Luck

Who would've guessed that my fountain pen shawl would take a turn for the worse after I said that I really should put a lifeline in. Yes, that evening.. after writing that last post.. my (knitting) world fell apart. I blame Freaks and Geeks. The show, of course. I've been watching the one and only season of it. And I got way too confident in my knitting abilities and paid more attention to the show than to my project. I tried fixing it for hours. I cried. I called it a few choice words. I cried some more. Then I began ripping it out and trying to figure out what my next move would be. So.. it came down to another Shetland Triangle. I know the pattern. It's easy. I could crank one out in the brief amount of time that I have before the bridal shower. I'm using Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham in "Grape." This yarn is so soft and wonderful to knit with. Amy is a pretty lucky gal..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


so, as i said in my previous post.. i've been working on the fountain pen shawl from interweave knits spring 2009. i also have a deadline. before april 19th. well, it has to be blocked and wrapped and amazing before april 19th. can i make it in time? we'll see.
i'm not sure what i was thinking with this large shawl in this teeny yarn. alpaca with a twist fino? uggh.. the thinnest yarn on earth! i'm debating whether or not i'll do all ten repeats of chart two. i'm almost through my fifth repeat and it's taking me forever to do the purl rows. (evil, evil purling) i'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing devasting happens. i haven't put in a lifeline and i'd hate to mess it up and have to tear it all back. (i shudder just considering that) perhaps i should put one in..

after this is finished up, i have to make something for my swap partner in
color swap 3. i'm looking forward to it.. it's my first swap! how fun. :) i am having a bit of trouble deciding what color to choose for my swap partner, but thankfully she is quite the chatterbox and posts a LOT on ravelry. so, that is very helpful!

i guess that's all i have to report. better get back to work!