Sunday, September 18, 2011

another september post

I always intend to blog about knitting. About food. But I never remember to. Currently, I am enjoying the last of some cabernet (courtesy of the naked grape, I give it so-so reviews), just finished yet another episode of Mad Men & I find myself completely lost. I'm always trying to figure out what I'm doing. I wish I could look into the future and know now where things are supposed to go. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to stand my job. This town, really. I can't go anywhere without thinking of  my brother and sister-in-law. I obviously need a fresh start. But where? How will I survive without knowing so many people? I'm terrified of the future... yet, I can't wait for it to get here. I am sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. I can't be.

Knitting... always. Still working away on all the same things. My knitting speed has seemed to have gotten much slower these days, which is disappointing. I have so much yarn, and so many patterns, that I want to get to. Some day.

Food-wise, I'm going to try to start eating better. Today, I fail. I caved in and got breadsticks from Mancinos. But after this, something a bit healthier! I am going to try to cut out most meats. Occasional fish or chicken, but I'm thinking only those in my diet. I have no need for beef or pork. I'm also going to try to get more into vegetables and fruits. I've never been a huge fan of either, but perhaps I never had them the correct way. Who knows. We'll see how long I last. Probably not too long. But I'll just keep on trying.

I made apple "mush" today. It's supposed to be applesauce, but I don't smash it very much, and I like to put it on everything. I also got apple cider. Can you tell I'm ready for fall? Bring on sweaters, scarves and boots. I can't wait.

Also, my hairdresser totally butchered my hair this past week. It is so very short. Oh well, it's kind of growing on me. Ha, I wish...

Monday, September 12, 2011


I've been knitting a ton, I swear! I'm still working on that darn shawl, and the flippy mittens. I am a bit mad at the flippy mittens, they're just irritating. Otherwise I started a brambles beret from knitty in malabrigo. I always forget how much I love malabrigo until I start knitting with it again. I swear it's the most fantastic yarn on earth. I've also been dreaming about sewing, although I've been too lazy to get my butt in the "craft room" and do it.

Oh, and one last thing. Happy birthday to the best man I'll ever know. My papa. He's turning 69 today, I can hardly believe it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

hello, fall

I've been in a crafty mood lately. I've been finding things I'm wanting to knit up the wazoo. I did take a break from knitting to play with yarn and make this fantastic fall wreath. I'm thrilled that fall weather seems to be in the air and couldn't resist making this.

I have nothing else to update. I've been watching too much mad men, and dreaming about too many lives that aren't mine.