Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finished Things are Fun!

Warmest Mitts for K.

Yarn: Cascade Pastaza & KP Wool of the Andes doubled
Thoughts: AWESOME. Took me two and half days MAYBE to complete these. He loves them. I love them. I'm pretty jealous of their coziness. The pastaza seems like it would be itchy but it keeps his hands very warm.

And a Gretel hat for me!

Yarn: KP Wool of the Andes
Thoughts: Favorite. Hat. EVER. Seriously.. I never want to take it off. It is so perfect. I thought the cabling would be terrifying but it was actually fun. I even learned to do one of the cables without the needle.. I just forgot which one now. Oops. Everyone should have one of these hats. In every color. Would love to make one up in something yummy like malabrigo.

Ok, Moo is not finished. She is just cute and I thought she deserved a guest appearance in blog land. :)

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