Thursday, November 5, 2009


Knitting is sort of awesome. It's my way to escape and relax. Getting so wrapped up in charts and yarn and needles (ok, maybe not needles) is an awesome feeling. Especially when you end up with something that is finished and well... awesome. So, to catch up on all the things I never post.. let's start with the most recent..

I made a shawl. Woo hoo! This blog makes me look like that is all I make. But this is not true. I just seem to feel like blogging when I accomplish something that large. I bet it will take me a very long time to post anything about the mittens that took me three days to make.

So, the pattern is Springtime Bandit(ravelry link) and it was very enjoyable. Even though I messed up on the edge charts and forgot to really LOOK at it on the purl rows... hey, no one notices if I miss that single knit stitch in the middle of all the purls. Right? :) Of course not. The yarn is Patons Classic Wool Merino. It's warm and cozy and I love it. I would most definitely make another of these. Perhaps when my blocking skills gain a bit more patience..

I also made these amazing blue socks quite a while ago.

The pattern is Child's First Sock in Shell pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn is ShibuiKnits... and the yarn rocks. I love it. I actually bought myself another two skeins of it in a honey color when I took a trip to my favorite yarn store this past weekend. But that's a whole different story...


  1. both the shawl and the socks are gorgeous!! great job.

    - julie

  2. The socks are beautiful, the color, the pattern and I can only imagine in the color of honey... I crave for yarns like that, you can't find yarns like that in my neighborhood. Great work :)